About Friends of Long Point

The Start of the Friends of Long Point

The Friends of Long Point started with a visit to Hoffman's Playland, an amusement park that contained rides of the same vintage, type, and manufacturer as those that once were at Long Point Park.  We discovered that the amusement park was for sale - the owner of Hoffman's Playland was at retirement age, and he had a lucrative offer from a developer for the development of the property.   The original dream was to purchase the Hoffman's Playland rides and transplant those rides that were once at Long Point Park to Geneseo, restoring the history of rides at Long Point for today's children, providing clean, wholesome, safe, and affordable entertainment for families.  Then a small stipulation was discovered.

When the park land was purchased after the fire in 1988, some State funds were used by the Town to acquire the property.  When State funds are used, then the State's Alienation Laws come into effect, stating that park land cannot be converted to a non-park use without authorization from the State Legislature. These State laws will take time for anyone to work through.  Any changes to the park cannot happen over night, and we are working with the Town to see what can be done.

At the Town Board meeting on Thursday August 14, 2014, the Town informed the Friends of Long Point that "a slower pace for bringing back the historical rides would be more beneficial to the Town."

This slower development pace will take time, and any transformation relying on State Legislature action will be challenging.

The present Town Board of Geneseo has heard some concerns of and ideas for the park.  They are presently working on a comprehensive plan for the future of the park, and we must say, the future for Long Point Park looks promising!

Friends of Long Point is excited to see these and be a part of the developments at the park and help the Town any way we can!

This photo was taken by Ben Beagle of the Livingston County News on October 12, 2014, at a kiosk dedication ceremony honoring those involved with the park's past, present and future.  The photo contains public officials, historians, nearby residents and the Friends of Long Point.

Here, the Town publicly announced the relocation of the Walter Kingston Long Point Museum & Visitors' Information Center to the building that was formerly known as "The Beer Garden."

This park belongs to the people.  Long Point Park has been the "Playground of the Genesee" for generations. You can have a voice with this historic park, but you need to be involved!

The Goal of the Friends of Long Point

Our new objectives are to restore and preserve a piece of the park's history gradually / over time. We would like to do this by helping out with the exhibits at the Walter Kingston Long Point Museum & Visitors' Information Center and working closely with the Town of Geneseo in ways they feel we can best help the park.

Our hope is to help revive the nostalgic park as a Livingston County destination location and provide clean, wholesome, safe, and affordable entertainment for families,while maintaining the highest standards in quality and service.

The Friends of Long Point Park in Livingston County, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Not-For-Profit organization and operates on grants and donations. Any charitable donation is Tax Deductible and is greatly appreciated!