The Walter Kingston Museum

The Walter Kingston Long Point Museum and Visitors' Center

The Walter Kingston Long Point Museum and Visitors' Center was at the cottage of the former owners Alice and John LaGrou.  It helds remaining artifacts of the Long Point Park from the turn of the century through the time of the fire and resides next to the site of the "Little Dipper" Roller Coaster.

The Walter Kingston Long Point Museum and Visitors' Center pictured was condemned due to the structural integrity of the building.  All of the artifacts from the museum have been put into storage.  Presently, the Town of Geneseo appointed Long Point Park Master Comprehensive Plan Committee is studying the Parkland and laying out the future utilization of the park and museum.

There have been discussion of housing the museum in an existing park structure, or a possible new construction at the park.  When the Town Officials make the final decision as to where the location of The Walter Kingston Long Point Museum and Visitors' Center at Long Point Park, we will keep you posted.  (Although the building is presently gone, the Museum is alive and growing awaiting our new home!)  We look forward to our new museum location and the recent contributions people are making in rebuilding the Museum and Visitors' Center.

Walter Kingston was the Geneseo Town Supervisor who was able to preserve the park from development after a fire destroyed much of the park property. Walter was able to save public lake access for generations to come.

Walt Kingston was a kind, family oriented man who looked for a way to preserve what was best for the people of Geneseo.  According to Sanders Newspapers, Walter remembered fun filled days as a youth at the park.  His project was to guarantee that generations to come would have public lake access and memories of summers at Long Point Park.

After securing a grant, Walt helped put together a complex purchase agreement so the town would own Long Point and concessions would lease out some of the land.  In more recent years, reduced funding to maintain the park and lower attendance has made it difficult to sustain operations by the town.  

On October 12, 2014, The Town publicly announced the relocation of the Walter Kingston Long Point Museum & Visitors' Information Center to the building that was formerly known as "The Beer Garden."

The Friends of Long Point in Livingston County believe in Walter Kingston's vision, and want it to build memories for another generation.  We would like to help the museum and add historic artifacts aback to long point as an educational interactive part of the Walter Kingston Museum.  

The experiences gained here will honor Walter and his efforts for the community and create memories at the park for generations to come!

Admission to the Museum and to most Events is free. Donations are welcome and are greatly appreciated.