Project: Popcorn Truck

What are the Friends of Long Point trying to do?  

We would like to replicate the spirit of this 1931 Model A Ford Popcorn Truck with the help of the community. 

Working collaboratively with the GV-BOCES, including the Auto Mechanics, Auto Body, Metal Trades, and Culinary Students, we are looking to involve the community in Livingston County and the Genesee Region to make this project a reality!

Once completed, this vehicle could provide popcorn, nuts, or (with a small modification from the original design) possibly be an avenue to bring back the taste of the famous Long Point Park French Fries.  Any proceeds from the concessions can then go towards the needs of Long Point Park and the Walter Kingston Museum and Visitors Information Center.

The success of this project will honor the accomplishments of Long Point Park as well as the superb work of the students throughout the school at the Genesee Valley - Board Of Cooperative Educational Services in Mt.Morris, NY.
Our hope is to help revive the nostalgic park as a Livingston County destination location and provide clean, wholesome, safe, and affordable entertainment for families,while maintaining the highest standards in quality and service.

Our objectives are to restore and preserve a piece of the park's history gradually / over time. We would like to do this by helping out with the exhibits at the Walter Kingston Long Point Museum & Visitors' Information Center and working closely with the Town of Geneseo in ways they feel we can best help the park.

The Original Popcorn Truck

The original 1931 Model A Popcorn Truck was owned by Mr. Meagher.  He would frequent the park and sell popcorn and peanuts to people around the park (as well as all around western NY).

Mr Meagher,also  had a monkey that would work the concessions Truck.  All the Children knew him as Mr. Smithers!

Those of you who still come around to the park may know this young girl on the running board of the truck, Ann Meagher.

Here you can see Lore DiSalvo, (Left) Lisa Yanno-Pepin Donat (Middle) & Ann Meagher (the Girl seen on the Running Board above) holding the photo on the right. 

Please Help Us Make This Happen!!!

We Now have a 1931 Model A Chassis with power-train and need your help!

We are looking for a model A cowl (dash/ tank, firewall, windshield) and many other parts that we do not yet have.

We are looking for donations of money or any and all parts and pieces to restore a Model A Ford for a 501(c)(3) Not For Profit organization. Any and all parts are welcome! As of August 24, 2015 WE NOW HAVE A VEHICLE and are unable to obtain the original vehicle, so we are gathering parts to build a replica vehicle.

Once completed, we hope to have this replica Model A at Long Point Park and other events around western NY to promote Long Point Park and the latest improvements that are being done at this historic park!

Parts from a 1928, 1929, 1930, 1931 Model A Ford should work, some Model T Ford parts and Model B parts as well (we need everything!). Other Items needed include a vintage style commercial type popcorn popper, a nut roaster, and possibly a small fryer in the attempts to bring back the taste of the Long Point Park French Fries! 

The Friends of Long Point in Livingston County, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization and all charitable donations are tax deductible. Please help the Friends of Long Point achieve this goal! Your Donation of money, vehicles, parts, or artifacts from the park, are GREATLY appreciated and tax deductible!

Thank you!